The Many Benefits of IV Therapy

Feb 23, 2023
The Many Benefits of IV Therapy
No matter what your personal health goals happen to be, IV infusion therapy can play a supportive role in helping you reach them. Learn all about this simple and highly effective approach to optimal wellness.

Your body requires the right combination of essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to stay healthy. Day-to-day, you attain these vital nutrients through a well-balanced diet, possibly boosted by a vitamin supplement.  

Intravenous (IV) therapy aims to support optimal health and wellness by delivering a custom blend of nutrients directly into your bloodstream, where it can reach the cells that need the nutrients most in a matter of minutes. We make this custom blend to address your specific needs.

At Fiamo Aesthetics in Yakima, Washington, advanced registered nurse practitioner Nawo K. Fiamo and our expert team offer fully individualized IV therapy treatments to help you reach your health and wellness goals, whatever they happen to be. 

Read on to learn how IV infusion therapy works and how it can benefit you. 

Understanding IV infusion therapy 

IV infusion therapy is the administration of fluids and nutrients directly into your bloodstream. By circumventing your digestive system, this restorative treatment ensures the rapid and complete delivery of nutrients and hydrating fluids to your body and brain cells that need them the most.   

IV infusions are a standard component of care in hospitals around the world for good reason. Injecting fluids and medicines directly into your veins when you’re sick ensures maximal benefit in the shortest amount of time. 

Similarly, delivering the fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids you need directly into your bloodstream can help stabilize, clarify, and energize your body systems with near-immediate effect.  

How can I benefit from IV therapy?

At Fiamo Aesthetics, we offer a complete menu of custom IV infusion blends that we carefully select and formulate to address nutritional deficiencies, offset nutritional imbalances, and meet a diverse range of health needs. 

IV infusion therapy offers three key benefits: 

Full-dose delivery

When you take in nutrients orally, whether it’s through food or a supplement, some amount is naturally lost to the digestive process and eliminated from your body as waste. 

IV infusion therapy ensures that you receive a specified dose of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants and that the full dose is dispersed throughout your body. 

Rapid distribution  

When the fluids, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids in an IV infusion blend hit your bloodstream, they circulate through your entire body in a matter of minutes.  

By comparison, it takes a much longer time for food and oral supplements to go through the digestive process and reach the body tissues and brain cells that need them. 

Improved health 

Whether you’re looking to support optimal immunity, counterbalance the inflammatory effects of stress, recover more quickly after an intense athletic event, prevent or remedy a nutritional deficiency, boost your metabolism, or feel more energized, IV infusion therapy can help by: 

  • Supporting optimal immune system function
  • Defusing chronic stress and inflammation
  • Preventing or remedying a nutritional deficiency
  • Boosting your metabolism and energy levels
  • Helping you reach optimal hydration levels
  • Supercharging your athletic performance 
  • Fostering quick recovery after intense activity 
  • Accelerating healing for injuries
  • Helping your body fight off illness and infection 

No matter what your wellness objectives happen to be, IV therapy can play a supportive role in helping you reach them. Almost everyone can benefit from IV therapy at various times, and many people can realize important wellness gains from having regular IV infusion sessions. 

What is an IV therapy session like? 

Your IV infusion session begins with an initial consultation to go over your medical history, health concerns, and wellness goals. After we determine which IV formulation best matches your needs, we explain which nutrients it provides and how they work to benefit you.  

The average IV therapy session lasts for about 40 minutes. You can read, watch TV, or simply relax during your session, and there’s no downtime afterward. You can expect to leave our office feeling refreshed, calm, and balanced. 

Depending on your needs, we may recommend having regular IV infusion sessions to help you reach your health and wellness objectives. Are you ready to book your first IV therapy session? Call or click online to schedule a visit with us at Fiamo Aesthetics in Yakima, Washington, today.