How B12 Can Help You Lose Weight

May 08, 2023
How B12 Can Help You Lose Weight
Our medical weight loss approach combines sustainable strategies, manageable lifestyle changes, and personal support to help you reach your goals safely and efficiently. Find out how vitamin B12 injections can advance your efforts.

Unlike the latest fad diet or untenable fat-burning craze, medically supervised weight loss is an empowering, health-driven process that combines sustainable strategies, manageable lifestyle changes, and personal support to help you reach your weight loss goals safely and efficiently. 

At Fiamo Aesthetics in Yakima, Washington, Nawo K. Fiamo, ARNP, and our expert team offer comprehensive medical weight loss services that provide:

  • A multifaceted weight loss plan individually tailored to your specific goal
  • The guidance you need to jumpstart your weight loss effort with ease
  • The tools and support you need to reach your goal and maintain your results 

Depending on your personal needs, we may also recommend metabolism-boosting injections like vitamin B12 to assist the weight loss process and maximize your results. Read on to learn more about this essential nutrient and how it can help you reach your weight loss goals.  

What is vitamin B12, and what does it do?

Like thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, and other B complex vitamins, vitamin B12 is an essential, water-soluble nutrient that’s crucial for good health. 

Found in most animal-based foods (e.g., fish, meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy) and fortified grain products (e.g., vitamin-fortified cereals), vitamin B12 plays a key role in:

  • Energy production 
  • Protein metabolism
  • Blood cell formation
  • Nervous system health
  • Brain function and mood

Although you can get enough vitamin B12 from your diet, some people have trouble absorbing the nutrient from food. Because your body uses B12 to make iron-transporting red blood cells, even a mild deficiency can sap your energy and leave you feeling fatigued.  

How do B12 injections help with weight loss? 

There’s no magic elixir or fat-burning medication for weight loss, and vitamin B12 injections are no exception. 

The primary components of your personal weight loss plan — exercise and dietary changes — are what drive your results. But in some cases, B12 injections may be able to help advance your progress.

If you’re struggling with low energy and a sluggish metabolism that makes it hard to shed excess pounds, B12 injections may offer just the right amount of natural support to help you:

Improve your energy

Vitamin B12 is integral to energy production at the cellular level, and getting an infusion of B12 directly into your bloodstream can leave you feeling reinvigorated and refreshed. When you have more energy and vitality, it’s easier to engage in regular physical activity and make healthier food choices to support your weight loss.

Boost your metabolism

Vitamin B12 also gives your body the tools it needs to convert food into energy, a process known as metabolism. B12 injections may boost the metabolic process and make it more efficient, which in turn helps you burn fat more efficiently when you exercise.   

Spur your motivation 

The combined effect of higher energy levels and a more active metabolism can make a major difference in your motivation, and in turn, the consistency of your weight loss efforts. And when it comes to weight loss, a little extra motivation can go a long way.  

Get started with medical weight loss today

Vitamin B12 is natural and won’t build up in your body, nor will it pose a risk of toxicity. Even so, it’s not right for everyone. 

We may not recommend it if blood testing shows your levels are optimal already. It’s also not a safe option if you’re taking certain medications that it can interact with, including gastric acid inhibitors for acid reflux and metformin for prediabetes and diabetes.  

If you’re ready to feel fitter, slimmer, healthier, and more energized, our weight loss and wellness experts at Fiamo Aesthetics in Yakima, Washington, can help. Give us a call today, or use our easy online booking feature to schedule a medical weight loss consultation any time.